Saturday, June 2, 2012

Post, the 2nd...this one's gonna be long, too

we had an adventure today.  actually, we have an adventure most days, but today, being saturday, it was an epic adventure. first, we slept in a until 8:10 am. then, jason hit the yard running (or riding, to be more literal. he was on the lawnmower when we left.) and, olivia and i headed out to complete our "to do list" (or is it "to do" list? someone tell me, please).

first: we had to wait until barney was it was actually almost 10 am before we could leave the house (it takes an awful long time for a little girl to get ready).

but then we were ready to go. i tried to use back roads to overshoot the farmer's market and land us at a fast food restaurant so we could eat biscuits on the way. didn't work out quite right and we ended up passing the farmer's market (much to olivia's confusion and chagrin) to get to a hardees where we sat in the parking lot and each had a sausage and egg biscuit (they've got a special going, 2 for $3). while we were there, we discussed in great detail the little bird who was hopping on our windshield wiper blades. that was fun.

finally, we went to the farmer's market where I bought twelve snap dragons, olivia picked out one container (a 4 pack) of hot pink vincas to buy with her "millions of dollars" (the $2 jason had given her before we left), and we together bought six ears of silver queen corn from Byrd's Farms as an impulse buy.

moving on, i trusted my super duper navigation skills and successfully used the back roads to land us at the super walmart. because what visit to the farmer's market isn't made twice as good by pairing it with a trip to walmart?  olivia did a spectacular job pushing the buggy through the store while i steered it from the side. really, she did. this was the best behaved she's ever been in the store. usually, she has to ride in the buggy. she's growing up over night. after several scenes like this: "Olivia, can you find me the orange cheese with the blue label? the orange cheese with the blue label. no, the blue label. no, the other one. GOOD!", we finally made it out of the store just after noon (note to self for later reference: 2lbs great value dry black beans $1.38).

we came home, and, as i mentioned in my previous post i don't plan to sugar coat things, i let olivia sit in front of the tv for a solid hour and a half while i put away groceries, washed dishes and puttered around. during this time, i did fix her lunch, though. which she ate in front of the tv. sue me. i make it work. plus, it was sesame street, so that's educational.

now for the fun stuff. we spent the next forever hours (i lost count. it was almost 6pm when we finally came in the house) planting flowers and pulling vines out of the blueberry bushes. and having an archeological dig. see pictures below (i know what i said about pictures yesterday, but these aren't artistic in any way. they were snapped with my phone). 

i can't figure out how to make them go across the page, so i'll just have to ask you to scroll, scroll, scroll.  i'll get better at this blog thing.


so the big excitement came after i discovered a piece of glass buried in the dirt between the blueberry bushes and olivia's swing. i set about digging it out with a stick, but once i figured out what it was, olivia got her own stick and came to join me.

once again, it's approaching midnight, and i'm exhausted. good night, all. i'll try to figure out the pictures thing later. just wanted to throw them up here for now.  

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  1. I didn't know your gardening turned into an archeological dig! Fun! Was the bottle intact? You're a better mother than me to let Olivia push the buggy. Matthew sat in the buggy seat until he was five---it was just easier that way! He wasn't interested in finding the cheese with the blue label. He just wanted to run away from me!